Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Google: "Don't Be Evil" ?? Just who are YOU working for??!!

Last night I decided to watch the lovely Miss Barnhardt's latest videos.

Next, I tried to "friend" her, and was told "this action is not available right now."

So next, I hit "Subscribe", and was forced to a login page.  "Well..." thinks I, "...I'm ALREADY logged in, ut...  Whattheheck..."

So I type in my ID and password again, and I'm taken to a page that tells me my account has been "blocked" for "suspicious activity."


Oh, but it gets better. 

Go check my Blog - "deleted."

GMail? "Same "Blocked" page!

NOW I'm getting PISSED!

See, to UN-block all my stuff, all I have to do is (1) let them CALL me (meaning give them my phone number) or (2) let them send a TEXT to my cell-phone (meaning give them my !$^&#-ing PHONE NUMER!


So, then I start thinking of all the ramifications of this... I mean...  It's not as though I have anything to HIDE, I've been VERY careful not to say or do anything online that could constitute a threat, or anything else of the sort -- otherwise I'm sure I'd already have welcomed my 3AM visitors in kevlar-ninja-suits.

No, what HONESTLY worries me is getting an IRS audit notice (for example.) Not because I have anything to hide - I don't, my accountant is more anal than I am, I'd rather pay a little extra to be " in the clear" anyway...

We *KNOW* that Clinton and other Dem presidents have used the IRS to harass those who pissed them off -- and I'm pretty well engaged full-time in stuff that's likely to rub a whole lot of Demmunists the wrong way!

Besides -- give the SOBs your phone number and you can just forget about anything resembling "anonymity" on the 'net anyway...

The truth is that anything you do online is trackable to your IP address - which puts them in your town at a minimum.  Anyone from the .gov can then find your address with a simple request to your ISP.

Yes - it's that simple.  You thought you had PRIVACY??!! 


No, Glasshoppah -- No Plivacy on 'da Intahnet!!  No Plivacy at arr!!!


So what to do?

I ended up going and buying a pre-paid cell - the cheapest one they had.  Signed up for a "10cents-per-minute" plan, bought the cheapest "air card" I could get, and used that to do their verification -- away from home, of course.


No point in making it EASY for them!!

Still...  I've checked over my GMail and other places -- no reason for ANYONE to suspect my account of anything.  I'm not blasting SPAM, don't have any ads of any kind on this blog...  NO REASON AT ALL why I should have earned anyone's attention...

Well, except for all my comments on "right-wing" blogs, and this little nest of sedition you're reading right now...

You think I'm being paranoid?  If the "need" was to verify that I'm a human and not a "bot" - then tell me why the usual "captcha" code wouldn't work?

Why do they need a PHONE NUMBER??!!


Watch your Six, fellah's...

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Dick's Dad said...

I'm guessing that a few posts about bacon, ham or barbecue rib recipes wouldn't do you any harm after that experience.

I'm not sure about my more distant family tree, my grandmother was in denial about it when I asked her, but I have been asked a few times by folks in skull caps or homburgs whether I am "of the blood", I probably am.

The other side to my semitic appearance was having the pilot of a 747 ask that I be re seated further away from the cockpit door, a lot further away!

looks like you might have come up against the second suspicion.

That young lady has a way with words, and with her bacon bookmarks.