Monday, April 25, 2011

Morale -- and why ours isn't NEARLY high enough!

I've been reading a lot of gloom-and-doom from some of the men I consider to be in the "vanguard" of "this thing of ours."

To be honest, I've been finding it pretty hard to be optimistic about our future myself -- as it's undeniable that a people who were PAYING ANY ATTENTION AT ALL would already be storming the halls of Sodom-on-the-Potomac, hands filled with torches and pitchforks, tar and feathers to follow.

I can't argue that things seem dire - but our morale doesn't need to be anywhere near as low as it is.

REMEMBER: The Enemy controls the entire "media" apparatus in the Western world! -- and it's not in their interest to tell us how many people share our KNOWLEDGE -- much less our outrage!

They *NEED* to make us feel alone and outnumbered -- as their continued survival, and the success of their evil schemes depends on us being dejected!

G*d has a way of speaking to those who will listen -- and I truly believe he's sent us a message!


We all know about the sick pukes who call themselves "Westboro Baptist Church." Even The Enemy must admit that these people are the lowest form of evil, but that they nonetheless have the Constitutional right to spew their sickness wherever and whenever they wish.

In fact, it's my opinion that any person worthy of the title "Patriot" would be willing to fight against any attempt *by the Government* to shut them up!

YES -- I would fight on the side of these beasts to defend their first-amendment rights against *Government* infringement! I would also - after the battle - do my best to deliver a beat-down they'd never forget -- but I digress...

Well-intentioned - but misguided - people have attempted to use the Courts and Legislatures to stop these vermin from spreading their filth -- and have RIGHTLY failed in the attempt -- Government simply cannot be allowed to infringe on free speech, no matter how unpopular or hurtful said speech may be.

We The People however are NOT Government!

So why am I talking about the WBC pukes in a post that's supposed to be about why we Patriots should stop worrying so damn much?

Well, it seems that WBC finally bumped up against some determined Americans -- people who were paying attention and have had enough!

The results -- linked here -- should serve as a how-to manual for every town these animals choose to pollute with their presence!!

See, there *ARE* people -- some of them even wearing the uniform of the probable op-for -- who know right from wrong isn't always the same as legal vs. illegal!

Still, why would I say this small event gives us reason for optimism?

It seems that the town targeted by WBC became aware of the *POSSIBILITY* that those pukes might show up, and reacted JUST AS WE'D EXPECT TRUE PATRIOTS TO ACT!

THOUSANDS of people -- not just a few who parked their cars, and the few tow-truck-drivers too busy to move them, but THOUSANDS -- likely a majority of the population of the town, mobilized to ensure Justice was served!

Warning: Following THIS LINK may lead to watery eyes and a lump in your throat -- it sure as hell did  for me.

Watch that vid, all the way to the end, and tell me again how "outnumbered" we are?

Tell me again how a people - once made aware of the evil at their door, and given a plan for dealing with it - will not rise to the occasion!

We're FAR from outnumbered, Brothers.  In fact, I believe Glenn Beck was 100% right when he said "We Surround THEM!!"

Buck up, Brethren.

Stand tall!

Keep your chin up!

There are a lot more of "US" out there than you think!!



The Trainer said...

Hooahh! +1!

Diogenes said...

Heard about this listening to the local Talking heads out of Knoxville. I love the fact that they beat the one guy up and when the cops showed up, No Witnesses while plenty of people still there. LOL Talk about "nobody talks, everybody walks"