Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why the _resident Has Played "Birther" Games For So Long...

As I'm wont to do, I started commenting on a post -- at Alvie's place this time -- and couldn't get it done in under 4096 characters...

So, here's another blog-post/comment...

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Let's face it: faking what was produced would be trivial for any reasonably-competent gang-banger.

Does that mean it's fake? Honestly, I don't know.

I've experimented following a vid I saw on YT, and the fact is that running "optimisation" on the .pdf file (to shrink it) produces artifacts nearly identical to what we see in Obama's purported BC.

To be frank, I suspect they knew this before they even released it -- after all, now we'll have a whole new set of objections (as you noted) and this can be used by Dear Reader and his media sycophants to further marginalize the objectors in the minds of the average sheeple.

I'll go further:
(1) It wouldn't matter if someone produced video of him being born with a "Welcome to Kenya" sign in the background -- he's not leaving office until he's done.

NOBODY in a position to remove him would be willing to do so -- not even those ostensibly on "our side."

Why? Simple: Every city in the US would burn, and they're not willing to take that consequence for enforcing the Constitution.


Ergo, I've been dragged kicking and screaming into the "FUGGEDDABOUDDIT" crowd!

We have far more important things to do than push the "birth" issues -- in this I agree with Kerodin and others.

As to all the "why now?" questions, it's really rather simple:
Dear Reader's past is about as filthy as they get. HE -- and more importantly, his puppet-masters -- KNOW this, and they know they must avoid having the truth come out at all costs -- at least until he's inaugurated into his second term.

How do you think the "independents" would react if they saw IRREFUTABLE evidence of his lifelong Communist sympathies and associations?

How do you think they'd react to PROOF that he travelled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport -- with his sugar-daddy/gay lover?

How do you think they'd react to UNQUESTIONABLE documentation that he claimed foreign (Indonesian) citizenship when he went to college -- so as to get "foreign student" scholarships?

How would they react to UTTERLY IMPECCABLE PROOF that the Saudi royal family pulled strings to get him into Harvard, payed his way while he was there, and even traded a HUGE donation for him being made _resident of the law-review despite his never having written a damn thing?

How do you suppose they'd react to evidence that he got his SS# in Connecticut to avoid paying NY taxes -- or that he and his wife both lost their law-licenses by Court order because of false statements made on their bar apps?

There's more -- MUCH more -- in this clown's history, and he's managed to shut it ALL down by playing this (apparently) "stupid" game about his BC!

It's actually BRILLIANT strategy -- which is all the evidence *I* need that *HE* isn't the one who came up with it!!

All he had to do was "play the game" about his BC, and wait -- wait until the pressure began to build.

He released the "short form" - which only increased the baying of the hounds - while his toadies continued the "birthers are all CRAZY RACISTS!!11!!1" smear, followed by "It wouldn't matter if he DID release his BC -- it would NEVER be enough for those CRAZY RACIST BIRTHERS!!"

Once that meme was firmly established, and an ostensible opponent proved willing to brave the slurs and keep pressing, he releases the BC.

Now, *ANYONE* questioning *ANYTHING* else -- his passport/citizenship/communist associations/Saudi connections, ANY OF IT -- can easily be dispatched with a simple "See -- he GAVE them his BC, and they're STILL NOT HAPPY!!"

I'm telling you, it's BRILLIANT.

And it's probably bulletproof as well.

He's managed to stall for 2.5 years with the BC, if he can do the same again he'll be solidly into his second term -- and G*d help us if he gets THAT!!

Which is why we *MUST* focus on beating him -- and everyone else -- in 2012.

I don't think this can prevent the collapse that's coming, but I DO think that with the right electoral success in 2012 (if we make it that long) we can reduce the damage SOMEWHAT.

We cannot possibly beat this demon-spawn on his PERSONAL history -- which is why we must focus on his _RESIDENTIAL history -- on what he's done since 1.1.2009.

If we can't beat him on that, we can't beat him PERIOD.

That's my $0.20 worth (inflation)...