Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why she sleeps -- and why those who wake her are REALLY going to be sorry!!

You know, I've been thinking on this of late -- perhaps more than is really healthy, but I digress...

We Americans are sometimes a bit slow. Look at our history!

In WW1 we tried to ignore what was happening all over the world, but when it finally began to REALLY threaten us, we put our nose to the grindstone and -- in short order -- helped the rest of the world finish the job.

Now, being slow as we are, once the evil was back in its box, we buried our dead and went home -- back to living our lives.

Sure as the sun will rise in the morning, a couple of decades later we once again found ourselves busily minding our own business as the rest of the world once again riled itself up into a hell of a conflagration.

Even with all the obvious signs of impending threat, we snoozed right through a certain fateful Sunday morning -- and had a rather rude awakening...

Old Yamamoto knew though, didn't he? He KNEW he'd "awakened a sleeping dragon", and he was RIGHT! Once awakened, our entire population once again got busy, exterminating the most current threat to Liberty and Freedom on our planet at the time.

And... once again... we finished the worst of the work required then promptly buried our dead and headed home to -- once again -- mind our own business, leaving a monster -- one NEARLY as evil as the one we'd just helped defeat -- unvanquished.

Fast-forward through 50 years of the cold-war, and that monster fell, sickened on its own evil. We Americans -- being the generally-benign sorts that we are -- went promptly back to sleep, in our biggest move of idiocy to date.

We slept on through the next couple of decades, while that CANCER we SHOULD have defeated in 1945 continued to metastasize inside our own body-politic. Once again, we awoke when it became a real threat to US -- to the very existence of the Republic our forefathers willed to us.

As a brief aside, I must acknowledge the various little "police-actions" in which we involved ourselves in the interim -- every one of which resulted in our apparent defeat.

Every one of them had a specific trait in common -- a trait they share with the stupid little debacles in which we're currently embroiled: In every case, we got involved in something that far too many of our people saw as unimportant -- as not a REAL threat to our existence!

To me, this seems to be the dividing line between Uncle Sam setting up to put the boot in some tyrant's A$$: the level of real threat to our Republic!

Few could argue that when the Germans were sinking American-flagged ships in 1913-14, they represented a real threat to our Republic. Likewise, the Japs made it pretty damn clear in December of '41 that we were going to have no choice but to fight in the conflagration consuming the rest of the planet.

Korea? Even in the post-WW2 era, too many people just couldn't understand why we were wasting our time and youths in some frozen hell-hole halfway around the world, fighting for people who looked an awful lot like the Japs we'd just finished nuking not so long before.

Vietnam? Not so much -- at least to the average Joe who was watching his neighbor's boys coming home in flag-draped boxes. What do WE care for those skinny-little Jap-looking folks in their pajamas and funny hats and rice-paddies?

9-11 was a RUDE awakening, one to which we awoke - briefly, but with a vengeance! The problem was that the war that ensued -- once again -- didn't really affect the average-person's LIFE.

Sure -- we've all seen someone we know, perhaps the son of a friend of a friend of a friend came home in one of those boxes, but ...  NONE of this has required a full-on mobilization of everyone, yet.

As the M.E. graffiti said -- "America is NOT at war -- the MARINES are at war! America is at THE MALL!!"

And we are.

So far.

But, we're waking up~!

Slowly, but SURELY, we're waking up!

Yeah, this time we've slept a bit too long, while The Enemy snuck into our camp and even took up residence in the Commander's tent!

Yeah, we're going to take a bit of a beating this time -- no question about it!

But We ARE waking!

Those of us who opened our eyes first are busy -- gathering supplies and materiel for the coming battle -- and most of us have enough to provide our neighbors with the arms they should have been busy gathering while they slept...

Heck, I alone could put a functional long-arm and a decent supply of ammo into the hands of every adult in my neighborhood -- and I bet 9 of 10 who read this could do the same!

I'm not saying we should stop cranking the siren, stop ringing the alarm-bell, stop shouting "!!~INCOMING~!!" to any and all who will listen -- far from it.

We should keep doing what we're doing, and MORE!!  But we should also recognize that EVENTUALLY, when this sleeping dragon awakes once again, we're going to kick hell out of The Enemy just as we always have.

Further, THIS time, I'm pretty sure we'll understand that we cannot cut out when the immediate threat is reduced and go back to our pleasurable-pursuits.  THIS time, we're going to have to wipe The Enemy from the planet -- because otherwise it will NEVER stop coming for us, NEVER give up until either We - or THEY - no longer exist!

Do you not think your neighbors -- sheep though they may be -- will rise when they have no other choice?

I'm sure you men know - as I do - that there's no more wanton female on the planet than the prim and proper "good girl" who discovered her sexuality. If you've been lucky enough to land one of these gals, you know what I mean...(he said with a leering grin...)

Likewise, there's no more fearsome warrior than the gentle, quiet, peaceful man whose been forced into defense of himself and his family.

When our Sheeple neighbors are finally FORCED to fight, THEY'RE GOING TO BE **PISSED**!!

And I have a pretty good feeling that The Enemy will be made to understand Yamamoto's "sleeping dragon" in a way even he could not have imagined!

Right now, our sheeple-neighbors are still busy attacking US -- the loudmouths they see as responsible for disturbing their white-picket-fence-fantasy slumber.

But you know as well as I do that The Enemy is planning and scheming - and their next salvo is going to make 9-11 look like a day in the park at a toddler's birthday-party.

And when America finally awakens, she's going to be MAD AS HELL!!

And THIS time, I think she'll not stop until the job is done...

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DD... I do hope you are right.