Sunday, January 23, 2011

Challenge to the WaPo re: "Project Gunwalker"

If you don't know what this is about, see the links below.

I followed a link from Sipsey Street to a WaPo story - as usual they're advocating further abrogations to our G*d-given and Constitutionally Protected right to the tools of self-defense.

No surprise there - I'd be surprised if it was otherwise.  Then I followed the links to other "related" articles.

One of them was in reference to "Carter's Country" - a TX gun-store currently under investigation by a Grand Jury for following the edicts of the ATF.

I was even more surprised to see the WaPo writers had included an "update" which put SOME of the blame where it belongs.

On the off-chance these two reporters might actually be willing to tell the truth, I decided to write to them.

What follows is my letter to them:
If you're REALLY interested in THE TRUTH about the ATF and mexican "crime guns" then you're missing the boat.

What would it take to get you guys to tell the TRUTH about our G*d-given right to bear arms?

Hundreds of guns smuggled into Mexico **BY THE ATF** in order to pad "statistics"?

This sick ploy being not only hidden from We The People but from the Mexican .gov as well?

Having at least one of those guns get "loose" and into the hands of cartel criminals?

Having at least one of those guns being used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent?

A desperate coverup which apparently reaches into - at least - the West Wing?

All of the above are 100% *FACT*.

Do I have your attention?

ATF agents with both personal knowledge and documentary PROOF of all of this are currently, desperately seeking "whistleblower protections" -- not only to avoid economic ruin, but also to avoid becoming the sort of "he shot himself three times in the back of the head" "suicides" that tend to happen to people who cross the powerful.
For more information see - this letter and its links should get you where you need to be
So... your ball.

Are you interested in TRUTH, or just "the narrative"?

I guess we'll see..
 Should anyone else wish to write to them, "James V. Grimaldi" can be contacted HERE, and Sari Horwitz HERE.

Like I said, "We'll See..."


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