Saturday, February 4, 2012

We're DONE. Time to get busy!


Once again, my reaction to someone's blog post (pops) wouldn't fit in the comment form, so ...

Between this, and the obvious fact that Ron Paul is being forced into accepting a position immediately behind and 3-feet lower than mitt-for-brains (pops), I'm now at long last forced to accept a rather harsh reality: We're DONE.

At this point, America exists only in history books, and in the hearts and minds of a few - we happy few, we Band of Brothers.

At this point there may be Three Percent (pops) who REALLY understand and appreciate the genius that was Our Founders' (PBUT) Republic.  If we're lucky, there may be another 7-10% who know it was infinitely preferable to what we have now.

My first thought: "We're FOOKED."
My second: "wait a minute..."

It's taken me a LOT of sleepless nights to come to this realization, and I almost missed it: We're in the same place Our Founders (PBUT) were in.

Let's examine that a bit...

"Three Percent?" -- Check!
"Ten Percent?" -- Check!
"90+% who really just don't want anybody rocking the boat?" -- Check!
"Tyrannical Government?" -- Check!
"World's most capable .mil under the control of the tyrant(s)?" -- Check-MINUS!
"Backup bunch of Hessians (pops) who are much more evil foes (pops) than the aforementioned .mil?" -- Check! (pops)

Yup -- We're pretty damn close to EXACTLY where Our Founders (PBUT) "Found" themselves!

*THEY* however managed to **FOUND** ***AMERICA***!!

WE ARE NO MORE (and granted - no LESS) F***ED THAN **THEY** WERE!

From where I sit, we have several distinct advantages that they never had -- not the least of which is that THEY were trying to build something that had never existed, except in their imaginations.

THEY had no template to follow, and were pretty much making it up as they went along.

*WE* OTOH not only know how this is SUPPOSED to work, but we have the benefit of 230-odd years of history. We KNOW where we went wrong, and what we got right. We're in a better position than they were to create something that worked...

Yeah.... I haven't forgotten that there's a whole lot of ugly between here and Restoration...  THEY survived it, and I'm pretty confident we can too...

No - the Redcoats didn't have Predators and Reapers, but then again I'm pretty confident that when things kick off here we're going to have some of EVERYTHING they have, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof.

They also didn't have MREs or MSS at Valley Forge, or a population of 300-million-plus to hide in!

They didn't have Sub-MOA rifles, BDC optics or suppressors - which combine to make it possible for one "gray man" to take out damn near any tyrant he chooses...

Let's be honest: The only reason Boner's still wasting oxygen is because nobody REALLY wants him dead.

There are literally MILLIONS of people here in This Place Where America Used To Be who could take him out from 600 yards if they so chose.
Note for the Fibbies and other slow-kids: I'm not threatening him or anyone else, I'm not calling for anyone to hurt him or anyone else -- I'm just saying what you know to be true but don't dare speak aloud: When the $#!+ FINALLY breaks off, it's going to be @$$-ugly for anyone not living deep underground in a very real fortress!
Granted - with all the technology at their disposal, The Enemy will likely make short work of the Patriot who decides to go for someone like Boner.

Whoever decides to go for one of Them isn't likely to make it home after - but every time a Boner becomes pink mist, another Patriot will become emboldened, and every time The Enemy overreacts, ten or a hundred more Patriots will find their BALLS!

We're in a world of hurt. We've got some truly horrible times ahead of us.

Personally, right at this moment I feel better than I have in a long, long time.

Have you ever had to face a major, painful surgery? I have - and I need another one.

There's a period when you first find out what's needed when you really DREAD it. You try to put it off, try every other alternative.... Almost ANYTHING other than just buckle down and get it over with.

As the alternatives are exhausted, there's this sense of creeping despair that goes along with it...

Then the day finally comes when you realize the unpleasant reality that you're not going to be able to avoid it. You're going to have to go through the pain and struggle, but you ALSO know that thousands of other people have been through it before you, THEY survived and their lives are much better as a result.

When all the avoidance is done, when you finally realize that you have no real option but to face it and get THROUGH it, there's this odd sense of RELIEF...

THAT is what I feel right now.

Granted - NOBODY in their right mind would WANT to go through what we're going to have to face, but we CAN handle it, and we'll be much better off on the other side.

If we have no choice, if G*d will not "let this cup pass" from us, then we're just going to have to suck it up and say "let's get this $#!+ over with!

No need to be in a hurry - we've still got work to do and time to do it - but make no mistake about where we're headed: If Our Founders could do it, SO CAN WE!

God help us - and God Save Our Republic!!