Friday, November 13, 2009

Molecular Justice

Terrorist scum like the Ft. Hood shooter (I refuse to use his name - such vermin should be assured eternal anonymity) are driven by their death-cult religion.

As we on the right have recently discovered "rules for radicals", one of the premises is to use their belief-system against them. This one is relatively easy...

See, executing such filth - if they survive their murderous acts - simply grants them the martyrdom they seek. It's giving them what they want - so we must make it work AGAINST their twisted psychology.

No better example could exist than what I call "molecular justice."

We're all familiar with the death-cult's aversion to pigs. We should use this against them as follows:

After execution, their carcass should be fed to a pen of hogs specially kept for the purpose.
The hogs' excrement should be used to fertilize a special plot of land, whereon grains are grown to feed the aforementioned hogs.

It's the circle of life -- or "circle of death-cult" if you prefer.

Carcass becomes food, food becomes excrement, excrement becomes fertilizer, fertilizer becomes food!

Eventually - when the hogs age and die, their carcasses should also be fed to the pigs that replace them - thus ensuring the circle will continue.

In short, we should do our best to ensure that every molecule of all murderous jihadi-vermin's existence will spend eternity on an endless trip through the bowels of hogs.

Molecular Justice.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert,..?

So, I posted a blustery, chest-thumping, downright MANLY post in comments on a blog.

The blogger liked it, made it front-page news, where it was picked up and became front-page news on other blogs - and so on, and so-on...

My first reaction - honestly - was "Oh CRAP!"

Given my political leanings (strict original-intent Constitutionalist/minarchist - just like our Founding Fathers) and my tendency to preach to any who will listen (and lots who won't) it would be nothing short of a miracle for me to not already be on some "potential domestic terrorist" watch-list.

After all, those who vote third-party, carry a copy of our Constitution in their pocket, and quote the Founding Fathers are just one bad day away from becoming the next (hack-spit) Mcveigh - right? Only if you're insane, work for our Government, or are a Congressman - but I repeat myself...

So... Why do I think this deviously mis-named "health-care bill" is such a huge problem?

First, because it's patently unconstitutional.

The Constitution limits Federal Government power to 18 specific things (Article 1 Section 8) and goes on to say (in the 10th Amendment) that ALL other powers are reserved to the states, or to the people. Period. Therefore, this action is a gross abuse of our system of Government - something which should never be tolerated.

Just try to think for a moment: You're being ordered to spend $15,000 a year PER PERSON in your family, for an insurance policy - whether you want it or not. (NOTE: This may not be accurate. The estimate for families making a low-end middle-class 2-worker income is closer to $20k. TODAY'S costs are close to $15k for an individual, and will only go UP with Government involvement. Further - Given government's abysmal record for estimating costs - I'll stand by what I said and bet that I'm closer than they are come 2016.)

The penalty for willful violation of this "individual mandate" is up to $250,000 in fines and (not 10 - oops) 5 years in prison - for failure to buy INSURANCE?!!. WHAT country is this again?

If you don't like what the Constitution says, amend it. It's been done 27 times, so it's not exactly an unknown or impossible procedure...

If you don't understand why that MATTERS, well... Just go ahead and label me a racist right-wing extremist and go back to worshiping at the altar of totalitarian government. May your chains rest lightly upon you...
The Government who is powerful enough to give you everything you want is also powerful enough to take everything you have. -- Thomas Jefferson
An overwhelming majority of the things our Federal Government does are rightly classed as "unconstitutional" - a fact which saddens me more than I could say - but this is quite simply intolerable for a number of reasons. I'll attempt to explain some of them to those who care to read:

(1) This is the largest power-grab in the history of our Republic.

"Free health care for EVERYBODY!" seems like a really warm, fuzzy, down-right generous proposition for those who lack the intellectual capacity to see through the surface. That nothing is EVER free is a basic fact of reality.

SOMEONE has to pay for it, which means quite literally that half the people in our nation will be forced into virtual slavery - to involuntary labor for the further benefit of others.

This is bad, but it's not even close to the worst aspect of this travesty.

(2) This gives the Federal government access to the most private details of your life.

There's nothing more sacred than your relationship with your doctor. "Doctor-patient confidentiality" is a critical aspect of our most basic freedom! Take away that confidentiality, and now you won't DARE to tell your doctor anything you wouldn't want to be made public!

(3) This information WILL be used to further government power.

How long do you think it will be before some genius AINO* in DC decides to help fight the war on drugs by requiring a drug-test be administered at every doctor visit? Then all we have to do is lock up anyone coming up "dirty" and... The whole drug-problem is solved!

Since the Government "owns" all the medical records, this won't even require the Doctor to "report" you -- all they have to do is program the database to look for "positive" results and forward your name, address, description and photo (cross-referenced from Driver-license records) over to the DEA and... Off to jail you go!

But hey -- if you're not a drug-addict, you've got nothing to worry about -- right? Sure -- if you believe that mistakes can never be made, samples mixed up, ID numbers' digits transposed... It's a recipe for disaster. Look at the number of people whose houses have been invaded by mistake in a "system" where warrants must be signed by a judge -- there are no such protections here!

(4) This will end political activism by all but the most die-hard folks with nothing to lose.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. -- John F. Kennedy
The IRS has been used by those in power as a tool to punish those who piss them off. Our current president thinks it's a joke. All it takes is a whisper from the right mouth for you to find yourself drowning in a sea of audits, where you have no real recourse to prevent them bankrupting you simply because they can.

Do you want those powerful people to be able to deny you life-saving medical care as easily as they can subject you to an IRS audit?

Further, there ARE fates worse than death. How would you like to be denied pain-relieving drugs as you die of cancer? After an accident? All this would take is a note in your Government medical file - "we won't pay for pain relief or cancer treatment. This one isn't worth saving."

If you - somehow - think you could stand the risk, what about your wife? Your CHILDREN? Would you be willing to speak against the government knowing THEY might be tortured (by witholding pain treatment) or allowed to die (by witholding other treatment) as a result?

Who would dare attend a "tea party" knowing that it's a simple matter using existing technology to scan faces in a crowd, ID the person from the driver-license database, and make the aforementioned notes in your "file" -- all 100% done by computer, all without human intervention?!

We already have the technology, and we're already using it! It's had nearly a decade to mature since its first public large-scale test.

(5) This will open the door to all sorts of other restrictions on Liberty.
"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience." -- C. S. Lewis
Helmet laws are "justified" by the claim "Since the taxpayers have to pay to take care of you for the rest of your life after you get a head-injury, we have the right to demand you wear a helmet."

Maybe you think motorcycles are stupid - but how would you like the same "logic" to be applied to the things YOU like?

It's just a matter of time. The totalitarians in the bluer-states have already banned some foods, and this was long before the taxpayers were suddenly declared "responsible" for everyone's medical expenses!

"Taxpayers have to pay to treat your cancer, so we have the right to insist you not use tobacco in any form"

"Taxpayers have to pay to provide your diabetes care, so we have the right to insist you not eat candy, ice-cream, or other 'unhealthy' foods."

"Taxpayers have to pay to take care of you, and everyone knows obesity causes all sorts of medical problems - so we have the right to insist you lose weight."

"Taxpayers have to pay to provide cardiac care, so we have the right to insist you do at least 3 hours of aerobics weekly!"

"Taxpayers have to pay to treat your liver-failure, so we have the right to insist you stop drinking."

Or, for those who do not drink: "Studies have proven that 2 alcoholic drinks per day have a positive effect on many areas of your health, so we have the right to INSIST you take two drinks per day."

Do you REALLY think none of this will happen? If so, you're a fool.

I could go on, and on (and on) - but the reality is really very simple: Free people are entitled to do anything they please, so long as they don't hurt anyone else.

This bill - and the "logical" measures that *WILL* follow, will do more to destroy what freedom we have left than the sum-total of every Federal enactment in the history of our republic.

I am not a subject, I am a citizen.

I am a free man, and I will do anything in my power to remain so.

I will resist every expansion of tyranny for one simple reason:

This man.

He could be anybody. He'd fit right in with the photo-albums I've inherited - maybe Grandpa, or his brother? Who knows where he's going - but he brought his coat.

Just like this bill - if we're too focused on the subject we cannot see what's really happening.

We need some more information...

I've never been able to understand how people could get to the place where *ANY* of these people are.

If you've read this far, and you're not in total agreement with everything I've said, I can almost guarantee you're now thinking "Oh, now THIS is stupid. You can't possibly compare the US Government with the Nazis! That can't happen HERE!"

Do you think - for one minute - that anyone in Germany went into their voting-booth thinking
"I'll vote for these Nazi characters - because I'm evil, and I know they'll murder millions of people outright, and start a war that will lead to the deaths of many millions more!"
Of course not.

They were in a major economic depression, tired of war, and looking for a charismatic leader to bring them back to the greatness that had been theirs prior to their government getting them into a war which ended up being utterly without justification.

The guy they found gave GREAT speeches, promised to fix everything, give everybody free health-care... He promised CHANGE! He gave the people HOPE!

Sound familiar?

They elected that monster for the same reasons we elected Dear Reader.

Which brings be back to this guy...
Every time I stumble over this picture, I'm fascinated.

How does a man become willing to take his coat and sit on the edge of a pit full of people he's just watched being murdered, and stand there quietly waiting his turn to die with no more apparent WILL than if he were waiting for a bus?

One need only read the history of the time and place to understand: The government started out with all sorts of lofty promises, then they began whittling away at the rights and freedoms of the people.

Each new usurpation more outrageous, but the people simply ran out of outrage. Some of them ran out of it so completely that they'd stand around like cattle, waiting for the butcher to run his bolt into their brain.

But it didn't START this way... Like all tyranny it started with bright promises and rousing speeches - firm hope for a better tomorrow!

Every single totalitarian enactment was accepted because it was supposed to make things BETTER!

Gather up the guns, so we can stop all this VIOLENCE!

Here - wear this little yellow star so we'll know who's who.

Every single government law is backed up by guns. LOTS of them.

If my Government decides to declare me a criminal and subject me to prison because I refuse to buy health insurance, and I resist, THEIR AGENTS WILL KILL ME.

Do you need examples of this? Really?

Fine. Watch this. That's a commercial for products being sold to your friendly neighborhood police officer. Don't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Here's another.

When they come to my house and catch me sleeping, and I wake, confused and scared, and try to defend my family, what do you think will happen? That poor man was a preacher.

The mayor's dogs ain't safe, either.

Heck, when they kill grandma by mistake, just plant a little pot.

It's not a rare occurrence.

How - when they execute ME (or you) in the middle of the night, are they any different than any of the other men in this picture?

Is murdering a man for resisting an unconstitutional mandate any different than murdering him for his religion?

Is the death of one resister enough?

What if 6 million resist?

20 million?

60 million?

What is the difference?


Do you believe ANY of the people, in ANY of these places, EVER thought "It most definitely CAN happen here, and probably WILL!"

Of course not.

Even MTV knows -- IT *CAN* happen ANYWHERE.

But not if we hold our Government to its proper Constitutional Boundaries!!

Today it's "health care."


UPDATE: A friend on another forum - not without justification - called "Godwin" on me.

Here's my response:
I really don't blame you for feeling that way, but... The parallels are undeniable. Theirs was the first great "experiment" in Socialism.

People NEED to be "Shocked" - they need to understand that for Queen Nancy to issue a "mandate" like she has WILL GET PEOPLE KILLED.

There's no difference that I can see between dying due to "health care rationing", dying while resisting arrest for violating her "mandate" and dying from a bullet in the back of the head.

All are victims of socialism.

It's time to call a spade a spade, and a fascist a fascist.

Totalitarianism by any other name will still smell of rotting corpses - my apologies to Mr. Shakespear...

EDIT: I wish I'd had time to flesh this out more - there's a lot more I'd like to say, things I'd like to clarify - but life intervenes... I have other responsibilities.

I'll get around to it - hope you'll come back...