Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zimmerman's "47 calls to 911 about black people in the last month"

We've all heard about Zimmerman's calls to 911 - more of the race-pimp/media narrative designed to make him seem like a racist lunatic.

No surprise - a simple analysis of easily available info (the 911 reports published by the Sanford PD) - shows that this is BS too.

By my count, he made 45 calls - not in "the last month" but since 2004 -- in EIGHT YEARS.

But... Weren't they all about black people?



The calls that were about "suspicious" people - 12 of them - included 7 about WHITES (one of which also included a hispanic) and only FIVE were about blacks!

But... Didn't he call about a little KID!
Why, actually - yes! Yes he did! - but *NOT* as we've all been told!

His call was to ask for a "welfare check". No - not THAT kind of "check" you idiot - he called because he saw a little kid alone on a busy road with no adult supervision.


The BLACK child.

What an evil racist, huh?! (rolleyes)

The rest of his calls were various "good citizen" calls. A couple about dangerous potholes, a couple about people breaking into the complex pool and "clubhouse", a few asking them to check on his neighbors' property when they left doors open and such-like.

In ONE of them, he called the cops on his black NEIGHBOR!!

well, actually to report that someone was breaking into his black neighbor's HOUSE.

The police actually caught the miscreant (a young, black male, just for the record...) in the act as a result - the only "solved" burglary among the rash of them to happen in the area recently...

Oh - and this black neighbor has gone on record to SUPPORT Zimmerman!!

Bottom line: Just like everything else about this case, the TRUTH paints a VERY different picture than the BS we're all being sold by those who are SUPPOSED to be keeping us "informed"!

Face  it: If *I* can do this, so can the media!

So why do they CONTINUE to get this SO TERRIBLY WRONG??!!


Brock Townsend said...

Excellent and posted.

Diogenes said...

"So why do they CONTINUE to get this SO TERRIBLY WRONG??!! "

And the answer is obvious and painful to admit.
Because they WANT to.

Our world is going to get very interesting in the next couple of years and those that are fomenting the process have no understanding that they will get what they wish for and that Genie doesn't go back into the bottle without a lot of blood bribery first.