Monday, April 16, 2012

Flash Mobs...

I decided to post another "light" post...

Saw this a few days ago - thanks to FreeNorthCarolina:

So... That got me thinking of something I'd seen a few days ago, about some OTHER Flash-mobs...

This one in NYFC:

Of course, not all NYFC Flash-Mobs are violent - this one was really cool! Worth the time to watch it all!

And... There's THIS - if you haven't seen it, it's WELL worth the 10 minutes!!

So... We move on to St. Paul, Minnesota:

Is this just an "inner-city" thing?

Well... Here's Picadilly Circus, in London:

Imagine - all those folks showed up to help a stranger propose?

Of course, not all London "mobs" are so peaceful, or so generous...

Nor is France immune to similar problems with "certain demographics":

By now, even my dead Grandmother is beginning to notice a pattern to this stuff!

More from Paris:

So... Why is it that when some folks get together, it ends up like this:


While in the very same city, others get together to do stuff like THIS:

Do they have these problems in Israel... they do in Wisconsin?

Can South Korea...

...ever turn into Iowa?

Or Singapore...

...into Philadelphia?

What is it that separates Brazil...

...from Upper Dary, PA?

How is Dubai so completely different...

From Detroit?

Or Lison...

...from Milwaukee?

Are kids in Italy REALLY so much more civilized...

...than kids in Miami?

Are Nederlanders somehow more equipped to channel their aggression in a positive direction...

...than folks of a similar age in Dallas?

Why is it that when SOME folks get together, EVEN IN THE US, the result is so utterly BEAUTIFUL that it brings tears to your eyes...

...or folks in Belgium put a smile to your lips from a whole continent away!

I thought perhaps it was environmental, except... When ONE group "mobs up" at Mall of America, it looks like this...

...while another group MEETS IN THE SAME PLACE to do THIS:

What am I missing?

Why does one group of people seem to consistently do things like this...

...while another seems to consistently do things like THIS?

Whether it's Denver...

...or Las Vegas...



...or South Africa, the pattern of violence and lawlessness from one group...

(WARNING: DISTURBING! - for more evidence, click through to YT and check out "related")

...and cultured, artistic fun from another...

...seems to hold up around the world!

Now, before you jump off calling me "racist" or other idiotic names - the refuge of the intellectually bankrupt when they've got no argument - anyone who's been paying  attention MUST have noticed that there were "black people" in most of the "positive" videos, and whites in most (or, at least MANY) of the more horrid ones.

Still, the pattern is undeniable!

Although the simple fact that there are differences in the races is undeniable, I remain convinced that these differences are due to CULTURE. It should be obvious that the black man who sang the  opera-tenor solo wasn't raised in "'da Hood"on a mental-diet of 50-cent or NWA. The couple in Handel's Messiah clearly wasn't influenced by peer-pressure to "stop actin' WHITE."

Like I said: CULTURE!

When the predominate culture of the group is one seeking to bring beauty, beauty gets brought.

Ugly unfortunately seems to predominate in those who SHOULD have the most to be thankful for! - after all, no matter what might have happened to their ancestors, THEY have never been forced to work a day in their lives! Those living upon the generosity of other people are most likely to target those same people to despise and abuse at every opportunity.

What created this culture?

More importantly, how do we change it, and FAST?!

How do we stop the current regime, its race-pimping sycophants and the Propaganda bureau (AKA "Mainstream Media") from continuing to pour fuel on the fire?!

The pressure-cooker is rattling in a way it has not in 150 years.

How do we stop it before it blows?!

If these "teens" keep on, someone is going to kill a bunch of them in perfectly-legitimate act of self-defense! By the time the LSM gets done with it, said victim will be made out to be an even bigger bogeyman than Jorge Zimmerman, and "those poor dead babies" will be choir-boys who were just minding their own business, trying to get some skittles and tea!

If the "race war" they're all pushing for ever actually COMES, I fear literal MILLIONS could die - and that's the LAST thing we need!

God help us... and God Save Our Republic!!


Brock Townsend said...


oldfart said...

"More importantly, how do we change it, and FAST?!"

First, define "fast." If it's 'now, today,' then give up and accept the violence.
If it's within the next two or three generations we've got a long row to hoe and it might not pay off in the end.

If you want something in between, something that'll give you the desired results but with a lot of pain you'll have to adopt "their" tactics, only harder, tougher and meaner.

Let's name the real problem: Fear. We're afraid to face their violence with equal or greater violence because someone might take offense or because the courts might rule against us and we'd lose our fortunes, our homes and our families. As long as we're afraid they'll keep pushing and we'll keep retreating. If those Russians had been waiting in the stairwells with axes and pitchforks the revolution might have ground to a halt.

There have been literally thousands of cases where oppressed people have finally fought back and won - if not their freedom then their self-respect, yet we're urged by TPTB to "give them what they want so they'll go away and leave you alone." All too often though we see cases where victims HAVE given up their money, their cars, and their honor, only to be savagely beaten and killed.

Some, a very few, talk about forming some sort of militia units and retalliating when some especially egregious hate crime is committed. It never happens. Why? Fear.

You end your essay with "God help us." As a child I was taught that God helps those who help themselves.

Dedicated_Dad said...

"...As a child I was taught that God helps those who help themselves."

I couldn't agree more - which is why I (1) NEVER leave home without "packing" and (2) I keep saying "WE ARE ALL JORGE ZIMMERMAN!!"

When such animalistic behavior begins to be likely to earn them a toe-tag, they'll stop.