Friday, December 16, 2011

I guess we should have known...

I've heard grown-ups say we should have known - when they passed the law - what would happen, but we ALWAYS think "it can't happen HERE..." right? Besides - they ASSURED us that it would only be used against THEM - you know, the ENEMY!

It was what Dad used to call "Oh-Dark-Thirty" - the wee hours of the morning when people are most deeply asleep. We heard a loud CRASH, and then a bunch of shouting!

I stumbled out of bed and into the hallway, struggling to focus my eyes, and was slammed to the floor by a large man who was screaming "GET ON THE GROUND! GET ON THE GROUND!

I caught a glimpse of a HUGE guy dressed like a soldier - but all in black - before my face hit the floor... Then all I saw was stars.

It seems as if it was over as quickly as it had begun. Suddenly there was silence - all I could hear was my Mother and sister, quietly sobbing. I laid there for what seemed like a very long time - afraid to move - as I didn't want to get shot!

When I finally ginned up the courage to roll over and look around, I saw Mother and Sis curled up on their sides, still quietly crying. I crawled to them to be sure they were OK, then I began calling for Papa.

"They TOOK HIM!" Mama said.

Nobody knows why.

At least, nobody who will tell US!

We went downstairs and found our little dog Spot lying in the entry-hall. He had been shot. Why would those scary people shoot a little dog? I also found Sister's kitten in our front yard - they'd stomped on his head and killed him too! Sometimes it's hard - lying to her - but I'm glad she didn't see him that way...

We tried and tried - for MONTHS - to find out where they'd taken Papa, why -- heck, even WHO had taken him! At first they wouldn't even acknowledge that they knew who he WAS, then the answer became "Security of the Homeland!"

I've grown to HATE that phrase, as it's always delivered with a sneer, and a wave of the hand to tell you to "move along" before they yell "NEXT!"

"Security of the Homeland" - What does that even MEAN?

We felt secure in OUR home - until they broke down our door in the middle of the night and took Papa away. Now we have no "security" at all!

We went to talk to some people who Momma said might be able to help, but so far nothing. The man in the fancy offices with all the books said he would LIKE to help, then something about there being no "haybees corpse" but I don't know what that means either. Our name isn't "haybee" and ... well... I don't even like thinking about a "corpse" when I think about Papa.

The man from TV was actually rude to Mama. He told her to get out, that he wasn't interested in talking about terrorists! In a way I can't blame him - I still have nightmares about those terrorists who broke into our home and took Papa away! What if they come back for Mama?! What would happen to my sister and me?!

The think I MOST don't understand is the way all the other grown-ups are acting. My sister and I have no friends any more - nobody will play with us. My best friend told me that he wasn't allowed to any more - but he doesn't understand why any more than I do.

I think they're afraid that maybe some of the bad-luck will rub off on them, and make the terrorists come back and kidnap THEIR Papa....


SO, dear reader....

Tell me: In which country is this story set?

Is it Russia in the '50s?

1940s Germany?

ONE thing is SURE: It DAMN sure ain't Our Founders' (PBUT) Republic!

But it will likely be Amerika in 2012!

Remember: Government NEVER shrinks, and powers granted are NEVER relinquished!

They needed access to bank account data to catch "deadbeat dads." Next it was "war on drugs" and now "terrorism" isn't even needed as an excuse - we all just accept that they look at our data.

Then there's the "drones." "We're only going to use them on the border." Now they're being used all over the country, for internal/civilian "law enforcement."

These Gestapo tactics are currently (supposedly) reserved for "Al Qaeda and its affiliates."

IF That's actually true, I give it about a week before they pick up the first "lone-wolf right-wing terrorist" (read:person who just wants to be left alone).

Someday we'll have had enough and do what needs to be done to take back our Republic.

Just saying so probably just earned ME a trip to Guantanamo - maybe I'll see you there...

On the bright side, I hear the weather is WONDERFUL!


Brock Townsend said...

Great post. Sure sounded like Nazis Germany.

Anonymous said...

I came here from the USSR and my children were born here for this? Very sad day in American history.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anon: First, WELCOME!
What's especially troubling is that this passed on the anniversary of "Bill of Rights Day" -- 220 years TO THE DAY when our Bill of Rights was ratified.

It's not over yet - not by a long shot.

Email me - it's my user ID (with a "_" in between the words) at yahoo.

Michael Downing said...

DD - I used to just want to be left alone. I wanted to go to work, pay my "fair" share, spend time with my family, do a little fishing and hunting and drink a couple beers now and then. Problem is they just would not leave me and all those like me alone. They always wanted to take more and more and add more restrictions and regulations.

Those who wished to just be left alone are not alone anymore. They are gathering together. Enough is enough. Those of us who just wished to be left alone are very much to blame for this. We let our guard down. They always took just a little more and added just another small restriction. We said to ourselves "It is just such a small extra amount they have taken. I can afford that." And "It is just another small restriction hardly more than another minor inconvenience." And so we let it pass. But no more...

Dedicated_Dad said...

I - PERSONALLY - *NEVER* said "no big deal..."

My blood would boil every time - as it CONTINUES to do - but ...

The Enemy is VERY good at what they do. They always manage to take JUST ENOUGH to keep from pushing us over the edge into anything beyond "mass grumbling."

The "Mass UPRISING it will take to change things always seems just out of reach, as people are too scared to do anything REAL, as our Founders (PBUT) would have done.

Today, I believe the anger is there, but nobody is willing to be "first." I believe many would happily give their lives in defense of Liberty, but none want to WASTE their sacrifice -- and absent a massive uprising, en-masse, a WASTE is all it would be!

I don't know WHERE we go from here.

At this point I expect Dear Reader will provoke massive riots among "his people" before he leaves office. Those of us - "bitter clingers" - who will do nothing but defend ourselves if attacked, will be blamed and I expect they'll try to disarm us as well.

To be honest, I almost HOPE this is how it goes down, as that will probably provoke the sort of mass uprising necessary to save some semblance of Our Founders' Republic...

Unknown said...

I'm with you Dad. I am angry and worried about what is happening and probably what will happen. If I had no children I would be more outspoken and brazen.
Personally, at this time, my goal is get the hell out where I currently live (7 miles from mexico in south Texas). After I move to a safer location, then I'll be ready, willing and able to aid in stopping this seemingly unstoppable machine.
There are more of us than there are of them, we just need to get organized and have a plan.

Daphne said...

DD, you and I will have to shut down our little blogs if things keep going down this path.

The country is getting scary.

Anonymous said...

I think Ron Paulhas been a thorn in the goons side, he's helping people wake up to reality. And so now they are speeding up "the plan" and hopefully the ole frog in the pot is starting to feel the heat. Every congresscritter who voted for that bill should be impeached along with the headcheese.
I also think they are glad we are prepping so they will have something to confiscate when the time comes.
I wonder if the fusioncenters are for us or them as society falls apart. Just thinking... Great post.

Longbow said...

If it hasn't happened in your neighborhood yet, it will. Just because it didn't happen to me, doesn't mean it didn't happen.