Friday, July 13, 2012

The 10 Greatest Mechanical Inventions Of All Time!

Got this in e-mail from a friend, and DEFINITELY had to share...

Minor editing by me, minor language / adult scenario alert, basically "PG-13"...

Anyhow, I wonder if you agree...

The 10 Greatest Mechanical Inventions Of All Time!

10: Boxter Engine: allows cylinders to operate in "opposed" configuration, making engine much lower profile. Subject to torque vagaries, as anyone who's ever ridded a nineteen-sixties vintage BMW Motorcycle can attest!

9: Naval gun loading system - allows rapid fire with minimal risk of explosion, and mechanizes much of the process. The pinnacle of Naval "Projectile" warfare!
(note - if this looks wrong, then click to enlarge - it's a really cool animation!

8. Oval Regulation - I'm drawing a blank on what it's used for, but you've got toadmit it's pretty damn cool! I welcome any of you Mech-Eng types who want to fill us in!

7. Malta Cross movement - this is what finally made reasonably accurate mechanical clocks a reality!

 6. Sewing Machine - seems simple here, but what it did to free the average housewife is beyond discussion! Further, the mechanisms that keep it all working properly, under proper tension, are incredibly complex!  This is the most basic explanation of how the sewing-machine works:

5. Radial Aircraft Engine - the pinnacle of piston-driven aircraft propulsion!

4. Multi-speed automotive transmission: Made the "horseless carriage" revolutionize the world!

3. Rotary Engine - can rev faster and higher than a piston engine, and with fewer moving parts SHOULD be more durable. Anyone who ever had the chance to drive an old-school Mazda can tell you how much fun they are, anyone who ever had to work on one can tell you that the implementation didn't match the theory!

2. Constant-Velocity ("C-V") Joint - made front-wheel-drive cars possible and revolutionized the automotive industry! (also made it possible for most females to drive without killing themselves)!

And finally, we come to Number One!


Grog said...

I've been puzzling over the oval regulation, and the best idea that I can think of is a variation on a grain mill.

Norman Smith said...

It is pretty clear that a great and biggest innovation or inventions is happening now on Earth.