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Trayvon, DeeDee and The Passion of Saint Skittles

As is so often the case, I wrote this post in response to someone else's blog-post. It's an EXCELLENT review - and utter SHREDDING - of the "DeeDee" interview that essentially underpins Angela Corey's (READ:BENNY-CHUMP'S) case against Jorge Zimmerman.

Frankly, I think the writer is if anything much too kind to "DeeDee", Bernie Delarionda, and most especially Angie-the-Hutt!

Without DeeDee, THEY HAVE NO CASE, and what's worse is that WITH her THEY HAVE EVEN LESS!

Not only is she borderline-retarded and incapable of a coherent narrative, she'd been hopelessly polluted by Benny-Chump and the rest of the Scheme Team's witness-tampering as well as the media's inacurate portrayals BEFORE BLDR's hack-tastic attempt to twist her monosylables and grunts into something resembling "testimony" to support their nonexistent "case" against Jorge Zimmerman.

Not only does he fail MISERABLY in his attempt, he's likely shot himself and the rest of the persecution in the head in the process.

If they DARE even TRY to put her on the stand, it should be easy for the Defense to get her excluded as a corrupted,coached witness based on BLDR's "interview" alone - and this is BEFORE one even considers that despite BLDRs attempts at leading she manages to make JZ's case (that TM doubled back and attacked him) FOR HIM!

Anyhow, that post and some of the comments thereto led me to write the following. It's long, but you should expect that from me!

I also think it's worth the time if you care about this case, because I believe I've picked up on some things others have missed - things which resolve any remaining questions about JZs "story" and exactly what REALLY happened that night.

Note for the racists and other slow-kids: The 'net is FULL of places you can preach your bigoted ignorance.

I WELCOME intelligent discussion, but have neither the time nor energy to educate you. If you demonstrate the usual total lack of even the most basic REAL knowledge of the LAW, and the known evidence, I'll just delete your comment and block you.

I have no time for idiots.

For everyone else: PLEASE tell me if - and most importantly *HOW* - you think I've misinterpreted some bit of evidence!

I have no agenda but THE TRUTH - and should some evidence surface to support the race-pimps' accusations against him I'll happily tie the noose myself!

Until then, he's not only "innocent until proven guilty", but (after ENTIRELY too much time spent studying this case) I've come to believe that JZ is not only the innocent victim of a deadly assault and a malicious prosecution, but also (though imperfect as everyone else) the sort of man we all should try to be. I believe he deserves FAR better than he's gotten from We The People!

As far as Saint Skittles being "unarmed" - just consider the Father in Texas who just beat his daughter's molester to death with his bare, empty hands - and notably WITHOUT the assistance of a 7"+ height advantage and a concrete curb!

Nothing more need be said, IMHO!


DeeDee's interview is incoherent because she's lying and BLDR is trying to sculpt it to fit the necessary narrative.

Before I continue, let's be clear that these two are *NOT* in a relationship - that she has another boyfriend is plain from her Twitter history - but TM is clearly trying to get in her pants. Based on his tweets, I don't believe she's at all the type he'd want for a relationship, but he'd happily use her for sexual favors at any and every opportunity.

HER history also makes clear that she was not at all enamored of him - "OTP (on the phone) w/ no_limit_nigga x-/" - the "emoticon" she used is an expression of dislike and frustration, not in any way an indication that she liked him or was enjoying the conversation!

Still, I personally believe that she WAS on the phone with TM through out much of these events. Not EVERYTHING she says is a lie, but much of is - and it's because she's attempting to hide her own culpability in the situation! More on this to come...

People are struggling to reconcile all the data we have and failing, because of some inaccurate suppositions.

Granted that I have no more information than anyone else, but I believe I've picked up on some things that others have missed which I believe fill in the blanks. It will be obvious that I have ZERO doubt that Jorge Zimmerman is innocent of any malice, and guilty only of defending himself against a violent - potentially fatal - assault.

What follows is my interpretation of the data - for ease of writing I'm going to skip pointing out where I make assumptions as it's all assumptions. I believe that they're accurate assumptions, but they're assumptions nonetheless...

First, we must listen CAREFULLY to JZ's "911" call, and remember he's in a vehicle - thus thinking like a DRIVER and not like a "runner" - at least in the first half of the call.

We must also remember that TM - despite the whole "The Passion of Saint Skittles" narrative and the doe-eyed child he may have been 5 years ago, was in February a street kid from "'Da Hood." He was a gold-toothed, tattooed, drug-dealing thug in training as is evidenced by every single bit of evidence we have. If you don't like this statement, review his twitter/FB history and his YT account, his 3 suspensions this year alone (from the "Better" school his parents had moved him to! - and based on his Twitter history it may be just since JANUARY - I'm seeking clarification of this now...) and the "swung on a (transit) bus-driver" bit.

Personally, I expect his full tox-screen will show chronic DXM abuse - he had the odd brain and liver damage known to be caused by such use, and the behavioral changes that are well-documented in the preceding year are also a perfect match with his FB discussion of this poison last June. Further, mixing MJ with DXM - or DXM withdrawals - is known to cause just the sort of violent psychotic break that seems to have happened here.

In passing, I must note that we're told TM went to 7-11 "at halftime" (of a game that didn't even START until after he was dead) to get "snacks", and that Chad had requested a bag of skittles. So he goes to 7-11 and doesn't buy any snacks...

The evidence for his blunt purchase is more than adequately covered elsewhere, I only mention it because it's the obvious reason for the trip. "Chad" is just an extra, brought into the Julison production only to help keep us from making the "sizzurp" connection.

Contrary to numerous claims, the THC and metabolites in his blood show that TM was a chronic smoker, and had smoked within the few hours preceding his death - it's just not possible to narrow it down any further. There are 20+ minutes missing from the timeline (~40+ mins to make a ~20-min walk) of his return trip - more than enough time to find someplace to "stuff" his blunt and smoke some portion of it. Personally I'd guess he likely smoked 1/2 or less, and was saving the rest for later.

JZ OTOH is a pure beta-male with a strong ethical bent. An Altar-boy for 7+ years, he was fond of quoting Edmund Burke ("All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing") and apparently did his best to do SOMETHING about whatever evil crossed his path. IMHO the fact that he's so clearly a beta-male makes his courage (not the lack of fear but the conquering of it) all the more impressive.

This is not a racist man - just the opposite. He's a registered Dem, and his devotion of his spare time to mentoring black kids and his involvement in the Ware case would prove that even if he didn't have black ancestors and hadn't been raised in a home with black kids. He didn't buy his pistol for people, but rather on the advice of a cop due to a dangerous dog in the neighborhood.

The vast majority of his 46 recorded "911" calls in ~8 years were for the benefit of others - dangerous potholes, debris in the road, open doors that were out of character for neighbors, etc.

Of the 12 "suspicious persons" calls he made, 7 were about whites and only 5 included blacks - and one of those also included a hispanic. It's clear that he called about ANYONE who was loitering inside his gated development who he didn't think should be there.

As to the evening of 2/26 I'm going to skip past all the early TM stuff and just hit the relevant points.

Boys from Martin's demographic don't run from small hispanic men - they run from COPS. In Miami Gardens, the "jump crews" of cops used to make drug busts are known to use white SUVs. Martin's fear of being busted ("roped") is well documented in his FB posts, and had just happened to him at school leading to his presence in Sanford. The prospect of being caught AGAIN - so close to where he'd been sent so his irresponsible Father could "straighten him out" would have been palpable!

Anyone thinking TM was afraid of JZ as a "creepy old man" needs to explain many things.

First, from TM's perspective, JZ was just some guy who'd driven up, parked his truck and was talking on his cell-phone. We've all done this many times! There was simply no reason for TM to "fear" JZ as he'd done nothing out of the ordinary!

Then there's the question why - if "TM" was afraid - he went from the mailboxes AWAY from his destination to circle JZ's truck - it was both a challenge, and a "need" to see the back of the vehicle to see if there were antennae or other indications it was a police vehicle.

We must also remember that JZ's windows would have rain droplets, and that they'd be lit from the outside - the resulting mirror-effect making it hard to see inside even non-tinted windows and altering the viewer's perception of the person inside.

What Martin could see was this: a hispanic dude with a crew-cut, wearing what would have appeared to be an orange vest over his bulky clothing. This person in an obvious "undercover" plain-white SUV would fit TM's perceptions of "jump crew" cops to a T!

Why else would he run?

"John Galt" - apparently an Attorney - nailed this question in his post at The Treehouse:>/b>
Unprovoked flight: recognized as a reliable indicator of criminality for thousands of years.

Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

Illinois v. Wardlow – 528 U.S. 119 (1999):

An individual’s presence in a “high crime area,” standing alone, is not enough to support a reasonable, particularized suspicion of criminal activity, but a location’s characteristics are relevant in determining whether the circumstances are sufficiently suspicious to warrant further investigation, Adams v. Williams, 407 U. S. 143,144,147-148. In this case, moreover, it was also Wardlow’s unprovoked flight that aroused the officers’ suspicion. Nervous, evasive behavior is another pertinent factor in determining reasonable suspicion, e. g., United States v. Brignoni-Ponce, 422 U. S. 873, 885, and headlong flight is the consummate act of evasion.

----------------------------End Quote----------------------------

Having completed his "checking out" (ie:"circling") of JZ and the truck, TM continued walking back the way he'd come - down twin-trees - until he was far enough away that he thought he could escape - AT LEAST long enough at least "stash" his contraband before being caught.

This is clear also from JZ's 911 recording - having how "check[ed] me out, from JZ's perspective TM was now going back where he'd been before - which is why he didn't comment on the new direction."

We must also remember that JZ believed he was following the instructions of the 911 operator ("Let me know if he does anything else, OK?... Which way is he running?...") and that it was only after the "which way...?" question that he removed his seatbelt and exited his truck.

The main misperception concerns which way TM ran. He DID NOT run across the top of the "T" - he ran down Twin Trees (JZ 911 tape: "Toward the ...back entrance..." - not "toward the other street!"!!) before taking one of the two "cut throughs" between the three buildings! I believe he took the SECOND one as this would have given him the shortest distance to Brandi's back porch - and thus require the shortest possible time "out of sight" to enable him to disappear and escape!

Had TM gone across the top of the "T" he'd have been in the open all the way down between three buildings, having no possible way to escape observation -- it just makes no sense whatsoever for TM to have gone that way!

Getting back to JZ - again - believing he was following the instructions of the 911 operator, JZ takes of his seat-belt and exits his truck to try to keep TM in view, but knows he can't possibly catch this tall, athletic man by chasing him directly - especially not while wearing "th[o]se f***ing boots" - so he takes the shortest path to a point where he might be able to observe TM - across the top of the "T".

THIS is why JZs family has repeatedly said that JZ never followed TM despite JZ indicating on the 911 call that he did. Under the circumstances I don't think anyone would have answered "no - I'm not really FOLLOWING him per-se, I'm really going a different way where I think I'll be able to spot him and still keep my eye on him from a distance..." - thinking we were doing OUR JOB AS NEIGHBORHOOD **WATCH**, we'd just say "yeah" - as JZ did.

By the time the operator says "we don't need you to do that", JZ has to be at or close to the Dog-Waste Station ("DWS") at the "top" of the "T". (Note: "we don't need you to do that" is NOT AN "ORDER to stop" - especially since the dispatcher's NOT a cop and has no more authority than a Mcdonald's clerk - it was a move to limit SPD liability!)

In the background, throughout the rest of his 911 call, JZ can be heard ("tink-tink-tink") tapping something on something metallic. Personally I believe he was tapping his flashlight on the DWS post, trying to get it to work - others believe it was his wedding-ring, but regardless, the only object in the vicinity which could produce those sounds is the metal post, box and can of the DWS.

Meanwhile, TM is now hiding in the darkness somewhere down the "leg" of the "T." "His voice be low" (as DeeDee put it) because he's HIDING! He had more than enough time to reach Brandi's house, and could have been home before JZ even got out of his truck! That he chose not to is telling - he likely feared there were other police around the area and did not want to lead them to his temporary "home" - the LAST thing he needed was to be the cause for a bunch of cops to be beating down the door of his Father's girlfriend!

Instead, he needed only escape view long enough to stash his contraband - after that if he WERE picked up he could be confident that a combination of "I'm just coming back from going to the store!" and "I ran 'cuz this creepy M-F'er was staring at me!" would keep him from further trouble.

So hiding in the darkness, TM can now see JZ (and possibly hear him as well) as he's in the lighted area at the top of the "T". He can now see that JZ is NOT a cop, NOT wearing an orange vest over body-armor but a bulky coat, and that he's a small guy. He'd be relieved, but he'd also be EMBARRASSED!

His embarrassment would me magnified exponentially by the fact that DeeDee was on the phone! She's no shrinking violet - this is a ghetto-girl, born and bred. She's HARD, and not the kind of girl to have any respect at all for a "momma boy." On the contrary, she wants a "Soulja" - a stereotypical ghetto "gangsta" male.

To understand what happened here, we REALLY must remember her behavior preceding and following these events...

"DeeDee" is a girl who seems to LIVE on Twitter - she averages literally DOZENS of tweets every day, sending one every time something resembling a thought makes it into her empty little skull.

She tweets what she's doing ("watchin [show-name/movie]") and when she's not (im so BORD!!") She tweets when she eats ("...chikin...!!"), when she goes somewhere with her mom ("2 da MALL wit momz!!), what she's thinking ("getin ma hair done 2mara!" - "LUV ma blue nailz pawlish!") -- she even tweets when she goes to the bathroom ("sittin on da tawlet!!") !

As a result, we have a nearly minute-by-minute chronicle of the days following 26 Feb.

Remember - she supposedly was on the phone with TM while he expressed his fear of some "creepy old white man" who was supposedly stalking him. She supposedly told him repeatedly to "RUN!", and heard TM be "cornered" by his stalker.

In reality, none of this seems to make sense because it just isn't TRUE! She's doing the best she can within her capacity - which is just the opposite of what really happened.

TM chased JZ. JZ was the one who was afraid - hence why he "soun' like a old man" - because his voice was shaking! She even tried to make JZ the one "with the deep voice" - as if anyone who ever heard him speak thought him capable - because she'd been told of (maybe even HEARD) the screams for help and needed them to be TM and not JZ!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, she heard an argument, and at least the beginnings of a physical confrontation before being disconnected. She then supposedly tried at least two times to reach TM before giving up, and.... WHAT?


Did she call 911?
Her Mother?


Her Twitter history proves that she went right on with her life - tweeting her usual string of inane mundanity. There's NOTHING in there to indicate she'd given TM any further thought at all, except noting (as did the rest of TMs social-circle) that he'd died and that he'd been shot. Sadly, this wouldn't be an uncommon fate for the young men she knows, but this wasn't some kid she'd seen around town - SHE WAS ON THE PHONE WHEN THE FIGHT STARTED THAT GOT HIM KILLED!

And yet, EVEN AFTER FINDING OUT HE'D BEEN SHOT, SHE STILL SAID NOTHING TO ANYONE and just went on with the usual routine of her life?

If TM did not have "detailed billing" on his T-Mobile line, NOBODY WOULD EVER HAVE KNOWN SHE EXISTED!! - It was only after Pa Skittles (father-of-the-year Tracy Martin) noticed her calls on TMs bill and she was tracked down by Benny Chump & Co. that she acknowledged any of it!


So what was she hiding?

I'd bet my HOUSE that she egged TM on - that he attacked JZ at *HER* direction - and that had she not been on the phone with him TM would still be alive!

THIS is why her story seems so incoherent - because she must try to craft a story that fits the narrative but does not give away her part in the drama!

When TM saw JZ at the top of the "T" and realized he was NOT a cop, "DeeDee" first laughed at him, then began mocking him. "I can't believe you ran like a bi**h from some (to quote TMs own tweets!) 'puss-ass cracka'! You betta go beat his @$$ or imma tell eeeybody dat you ran from some lil ol cracka!"

THIS is why TM took off his headset and "button" and put them in his pocket -preparing for a fight.
THIS is why TM doubled back over 100 yards to attack JZ.
THIS is why TM kept his call to DeeDee connected - so she could listen in.
THIS is why he laid the phone in the grass before beginning his assault.
THIS is why DD did her best to hide.
THIS is why DD is so incoherent.
THIS is why DD is so emphatic that she was NOT yelling at TM.

MOST importantly, THIS is why DD has so much GUILT - and why she keeps repeating "he wasn't a fighter...he would never have fought...

Because he wouldn't have, had she not demanded he do so, and if not for her he'd still be ALIVE!


Anonymous said...

His name is George

Mike McDaniel said...

Thanks for the link and kind comment!

Brock Townsend said...

Most excellent as usual.

Anonymous said...

You will meet your maker one day!

Dedicated_Dad said...

I'm looking forward to it!

in the vanguard said...

My dumb old dad friend. You'll hate me for suggesting this, but maybe not. Getting too involved with the particulate matters of everyday life robs you blind of the bigger picture that needs to be appreciated, like not seeing the forest from the trees.

God gave man wits so that he can ponder the wonders of the world. Tru there are so many wondrous things in nature, from the micro to the macro, that in can numb the mind from appreciation, but only if you allow it to.

To appreciate the intelligence and planning and organization that IS nature, we are given a mind. The animal, in contrast, cannot appreciate creation. Only man can.

So what's my point about man's gift for reasoning? To understand that everything is driven by God. But why - NOT to get all worked up by the nitty-gritty but how the event unfolds in the overall theatre of life. Here with Zimmerman you have a case of blatant corruption of law. And this corruption of law is exactly why America is fast sinking to oblivion.

You see, one of the foundations of a stable society, besides the first - which is blief in God - is a system of justice. These are two of the seven Noahide laws that ALL MANKIND must follow to remain a viable society.

But since you lose patience in long prose, I'll just leave it at that. God bless!

Black Racism is the Good Kind of Hate said...

Dearest Dedicated Dad,

I have been following this case for months and recently came across the Treehouse (where I found many posts by you that I appreciated).
I think there may be an expulsion in Saint Skittles’ past that has been largely glossed over (thus the need to be moved to a ‘safer school’ – in other words, he wasn’t moved cuz the school as safer, he moved cuz he was EXPELLED).
Saint Skittles quit football, after 12 years of playing (that is the lie the coach claimed)? I doubt that he was eligible for any extramural activities after missing 53 days of school in a little over half the school year. This lie is similar to the MANY MANY MANY lies that have been made on behalf of saint Skittles (like Tracey Martin claiming (OK, LYING) that little Trayvon was suspended from school for two weeks for trespassing).
Tracey Martin the absentee parent left the kids home alone without food or drink (and the kids decided to drug it up instead of eat actual food). “Well, son, you are delinquent and in need of supervision, so I am gonna leave you alone all weekend and let you run hog wild around the local community”.
IMO, Tracey and Sybrina Fulton should be sued for negligence by the City of Sanford, Florida and the Home Owners Association for falsely accusing them of racism and of lowering property values by claiming falsely that a crime existed where none occurred.
George Zimmerman is a HERO on so many levels (Tracey Martin and Sybrina Fulton are scum who lie and lie and lie some more to make up for their shortcomings and ethical, moral and legal failings in raising their feral child.
She needs to lie to protect herself since she encouraged TM’s thuggery on JZ? Aha, now it is starting to click…..
That said, and though I am convinced that trayvon was acting thuglike and though I am convinced George Zimmerman (or Jorge if you like) was heroic that night, I am not entirely convinced that George may not possess some legal culpability (I am not a lawyer or expert). That being said and since Trayvon was raised by feral parents and was still a teen, I pray for trayvon that he rest in Peace (I pray for George Zimmerman every day that he be granted justice, not served a serving of “JUST US” by the African American community

Black Racism is the Good Kind of Hate said...


A note that needs to never be forgotten about this case.
Sanford, Florida was built by WHITE SlAVES (of Swedish descent). Msot of Florida's dangerous fetid swamps were cleared by WHITE SLAVES since they were less higly valued than the African slaves.
In fact, the first slaves ever brought to America were brought to Florida (and they werre white)!
Indentured servitude for white slaves only began later (when people became upset that whites were enslaved).
Even during times of indentured servitude, these white slaves died in transit as often as African slaves and large numbers of them died BEFORE being freed (thus it meant slavery for life if you died a slave). 50% of all white slaves died BEFORE being freed (not that the history of white bondage is well known by the liberal white people haters).

Black Racismm is the Good Kind of Hate said...

DD says trayvon "Likes it from the back"

Dedicated_Dad said...

I've neglected this blog for far too long.

"Black racism is the good kind of hate" - First, that name can be interpreted in many ways.

In rereading many of the things I wrote in years past I realize that I'd forgotten while writing that my readers likely don't know me or my sense of humor, sarcasm, or phrases I use as shorthand...

Racism is NEVER good. Period.
My mocking of "ghetto set" and so-forth is a mocking of CULTURE. Read deeply enough in my ramblings and you'll find that I offer to tie the noose for white racists myself - and though I've never witnessed someone being beated simply for being "black" I've had it happen to me TWICE in my life because I am not.

I still bear no ill-will toward ANY race - but only for the CULTURE which pervades "the urban black community" and is responsible for all of the statistical ills that racist filth like to blame on the race of the perpetrators.

I'm really not sure what the last comment above was supposed to mean, but just to clarify things I've said before, it's a travesty that this kid ended up dead REGARDLESS of what he may have been.

I was a mess as a young man too, and had far less reason than he did. Unlike him G*d granted me the time and wisdom to redeem myself.

My opinions of this case haven't changed - but I do feel the need to clarify what was in my head and heart as I was writing.

Finally, for those who love to point to all the horrors that have befallen Jorge Zimmerman since all this began, I would ask you to place yourself in his position - I'm not surprised his life has fallen apart, that he's become a self-destructive individual...

After all that he's been through, I'm only surprised he hasn't taken his own life.

I pray God's peace for everyone involved.

Brock Townsend said...

Good to see you surface again.