Friday, November 13, 2009

Molecular Justice

Terrorist scum like the Ft. Hood shooter (I refuse to use his name - such vermin should be assured eternal anonymity) are driven by their death-cult religion.

As we on the right have recently discovered "rules for radicals", one of the premises is to use their belief-system against them. This one is relatively easy...

See, executing such filth - if they survive their murderous acts - simply grants them the martyrdom they seek. It's giving them what they want - so we must make it work AGAINST their twisted psychology.

No better example could exist than what I call "molecular justice."

We're all familiar with the death-cult's aversion to pigs. We should use this against them as follows:

After execution, their carcass should be fed to a pen of hogs specially kept for the purpose.
The hogs' excrement should be used to fertilize a special plot of land, whereon grains are grown to feed the aforementioned hogs.

It's the circle of life -- or "circle of death-cult" if you prefer.

Carcass becomes food, food becomes excrement, excrement becomes fertilizer, fertilizer becomes food!

Eventually - when the hogs age and die, their carcasses should also be fed to the pigs that replace them - thus ensuring the circle will continue.

In short, we should do our best to ensure that every molecule of all murderous jihadi-vermin's existence will spend eternity on an endless trip through the bowels of hogs.

Molecular Justice.


Flintlock Tom said...

Yikes! You have a scary mind.


patriot_ohio said...

I always thought we could win the wars against the Muslim countries by simply spraying pig shit on them from aircraft. It would totally immobilize these superstitious maniacs. Their entire society would break down and quit functioning, similar to a psyche ward, everyone wandering around in a daze.

Just thinkin'

Anonymous said...

If they can use their religion against us, why shouldn't we use it against them?
I believe Gen. John Pershing was quite successful in using pigs against muslims in the Phillpines.
And i concurr that its way passed time to use them again.

But,i can't help but think the government is passing up a big money maker by not having a lottery for who gets to execute him.........mthead

Holden McGroin said...

Superb!!! And If I were king....
but alas. As for the question posed by mt head ( IF he reads this, please share whether it is pronounced 'empty head', or if it stands for Meathead or Motorhead, the metal group - or none of the above? No insult intended!)
about the government holding a lottery to see who would execute muslim scumbags - there is one flaw in the concept. Considering that we have a foreign-born muslim occupying the White House, I expect that IF any of them are executed, all the US Gov offices will fly their flags at half staff.

in the vanguard said...

I invite you to see this post I think you'll enjoy:

Brock Townsend said...

Naw, I'd just tie them down in the middle of a pen with hogs that hadn't eaten for days!:)

in the vanguard said...

Can you believe that the creep's growing his beard is stalling the case. Know why? It'll look bad for the Muslim regime we now got in office.