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Black Man attacked at Carnahan Town Hall

I listen to Andrew Wilkow on Sirius Patriot #144 almost daily. Let me begin by stressing that I listen to Mr. Wilkow daily and LOVE his show. I particularly like his cerebral delivery and his methodical, intellectual approach to the issues. I've learned a lot from him and this has greatly improved my ability to debate with moonbats, and to make them look like the fools they are. As a result, I take great joy from being able to deconstruct their arguments with ease and force them to resort to ad-hominem attacks ("racist", "homophobe", "Republican" etc...).

I called his show today because I believed he was mistaken in his premise that this incident was a white-on-black crime.

I called to try to correct this, because it just wasn't a racial matter -- the UNION THUG who attacked him - the one who asked "why would a black man be passing out stuff like this" -- the one who used a racial-slur before hitting him in the face -- WAS BLACK. I tried to explain, but he cut me off, and he carried this argument through the end of the show.

After much review, I KNOW that I was right, and further that this incident is much more worrisome as a result.

His site links to a post on "Conservative Punk" and he quoted from this letter extensively and repeatedly.

He also referred repeatedly to the video of the incident - which is also linked at "Conservative Punk"

The video is confusing, and he's on-air and thus could not possibly have parsed it or listened as carefully as I did.

I hope that this will help clear up his mis-interpretation, and I also hope that Andrew has the integrity to acknowledge when he's spent a good portion of his show spreading misinformation.

We'll see.

The reason I am so bothered by this is simple: I am sick and tired of having every possible situation turned into a "racial" problem. In my opinion, what happened today (with the misinterpretation of this event) is little better than Gates and Dear Leader's abuse of Officer Crowley.

Worse, to trivialize this event as a "racial incident" hides the TRUTH - the issue here was one of union-thug violence, and Our PRESIDENT HIMSELF incited it by telling his syncophants to "PUNCH back twice as hard!".

First, let's look at the video carefully.

As the video opens, we see a man (#1) in a purple-shirt and light pants on the ground at center-screen.

A woman (#2) in green shirt and shorts runs in from the left as the videographer says "I don't want to get involved in that at all..."

Then the video zooms in, we see a man in a green shirt and jeans (#3) straddling #1, then a guy with a white shirt with a white towel (#4) holding #1's arm.

Another purple-shirt back-to us (white guy with cigarette - #5) stumbles after apparently being hit by the black man in khaki clothes (#6 - Gaffney) who also falls,

At THIS point one can assume has knocked 2 people down (#1 and #5 - GOOD JOB BTW) in self-defense. At 0:08 we see "#1" get back up and the whole thing devolves into screaming, but we can also now see another black man (#7) to the right silhouetted by the background lights who is clearly also involved in beating Gaffney at this time...

At ~0:15 we hear "You ATTACKED HIM!" leveled at #5 by the man in white shirt (#4) - at this point we can also see that "#5" is the "white guy with the cigarette" who Andrew referred when I called.

Remember -- "#1" was on the ground as the vid opened - we must assume he'd also attacked Gafney before the vid began.

At ~0:22 we see the black guy with SEIU shirt (#7) come toward the camera, right hand on left shoulder, saying "where my peeps" a couple of times, then "naw, naw, he push me"

At 0:35 we now see a new white guy in khaki shirt (#8 - Security?) holding his arm around Gafney

At 0:39 if you look and listen, we see #7 go back to Gaffney and we hear "what the hell is wrong with you" - seems to be gaffney to #7. At 0:42 we hear "why you hit me? Why you hit me?" -- again seems to be gaffney to #7. "Did I bother you?"

Then at 0:45 the videographer's attention is pulled away by #4 yelling at #1 or #5 (not sure) "You attacked that guy for NOTHING!" Mr. SEIU disagrees, I wish I could make out what he's saying but his tattoo-tooth ratio and the fact that I don't speak "mumble" makes it hard for me to discern...

Now, it's IMPORTANT to listen CAREFULLY here at ~1:15 -- the videographer says "What happened?..."

Gafney responds "That guy attacked me."

Videographer: "Which guy?"

Gafney (@ 1:21) "THE BLACK GUY THERE..."

Your Honor -- I rest my case.

Now... As I tried to say when I called, if race was an issue AT ALL this was a black-on-black crime, but in reality it was a BLACK-Union-thug-on-Conservative crime which was joined in by other union thugs who also happened to be white.

If the video, and the statement of the victim therein is not enough...
QUOTE from the first paragraph (quoting St. Louis Post-dispatch who was subsequently quoting Gafney):
"... Gladney, who is black, said one of his attackers, also a black man, used a racial slur against him before the attack started."

QUOTE from the "lawyer letter"
"...The SEIU representative demanded to know why a black man was handing out these flags. The SEIU member used a racial slur against Kenneth, then punched him in the face..."

Ergo, the BLACK SEIU thug pulled a "Yo, Brutha, why you be passin' out the white-man's propaganda", then dropped the N-bomb and punched Gaffney in the face.

Ergo, AS I SAID (to Mr. Wilkow) WHEN I CALLED, the primary attacker was BLACK. This was the man who "fled on foot" -- Mr. "Where my peeps at" (#7) from the video.

Continued quote from the "lawyer letter":
"... Kenneth fell to the ground. Another SEIU member yelled racial epithets at Kenneth as he kicked him in the head and back. Kenneth was also brutally attacked by one other male SEIU member and an unidentified woman.

The three men were clearly SEIU members, as they were wearing T-shirts with the SEIU logo..."

Again - watch the video. The primary attacker - a black man ("Mr. Where my peeps-at") - is seen clearly in the vid, then ran away before the cops arrived and started handing out nice steel bracelets.

The only "racial" element in all of this was the black-on-black attack which commenced because Gafney dared oppose "Dear Leader" and the Union thug couldn't understand why a fellow black-man -- Gafney -- was apparently on the other side of the argument.

The other (white) thugs then piled on. Frankly, I seriously doubt if they'd have physically attacked Gafney - fearing "hate-crime" charges - had the other black man not been the one to throw the first punch.

This was an example of UNION THUGS doing what union-thugs do. They were DIRECTLY incited by Dear Leader telling them to
"punch back twice as hard."

This is FAR more chilling than white-on-black crime, as it transcends racial lines. The real issue here is that Dear Leader's brown-shirts have now begun passing out beatings to anyone who dares cross them.

We'll see a lot more of this before it is over.

One more thing before I go: One need but consider that Mr. Gafney COULD have been beaten to death before the police arrived. I am physically handicapped - running is not an option for me, nor - really - is fighting.

I have a concealed carry permit, and while I have no desire to do violence to anyone, if I am attacked I will use all lawful means to defend myself. I strongly advise others to do likewise.

SINCERELY and Respectfully,


PS: One more thing from careful listening -- there's actually no evidence that Gafney was on the Conservative side of this thing at all. He was there, not "passing out" Gadsden flags, but actually SELLING them. Listen to him at 00:25-27 -- "I was just standin' here, ... sellin' my little flags..."

We can see them on the ground to the right as the video opens...

So the REAL attacker - the black man - wasn't mad at Gafney for giving them, but for selling them...??

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